07 May 2017 @ 10:16 pm
If you're introducing yourself or a new character, feel free to use this form! Our CR memes are bimonthly (currently scheduled to take place in May, July, September, and November 2017) so this will help you jumpstart new CR while you wait. But the form is optional if you'd prefer to do your introduction freeform.

26 September 2017 @ 12:17 am
It may not be a surprise to anyone given how MIA I've been over the past couple of months, but as much as I've loved it here, my heart just isn't in the game anymore. So after two years, a lot of time spent with some fantastic CR and a lot of amazing memories, it's time to say goodbye.

In the short term, Jamie'll be heading off and out of the city for reasons that he doesn't really go into but may very well be because he stubbornly insisted on going along in case he was needed to help protect people. If anyone wants him to have left them a letter for later on in the long term, though, let me know, because he wouldn't want to completely disappear without saying goodbye.

Thank you all for some really great times - I'll miss you guys a lot.
25 September 2017 @ 12:31 pm
Hey, everyone. This probably won't come as a huge shock to anyone, but I'm dropping Cullen. I've been having a difficult time with him since the move to Kirkwall, and I realize that for the past few months I haven't been doing anything more than going through the motions. It's not fair to sit on a character like that, especially an advisor. So it's time to let him, and thus the game, go.

It'll be largely up to the mods what happens to Cullen now, given his role in the world. Wherever they send him, if it's possible, Puppy will go with him. A man needs his dog.

You've all been amazing, and I will seriously miss all of his CR. I'm super grateful to Fade Rift in general for the new friends I have made here and all the fun times. Stay awesome, guys.
23 September 2017 @ 02:23 pm

  • WHO: Atticus Vedici, the Division Heads + anyone else with a vested interest in participating. 
  • HOW MANY: In Perendale, 9-10 PCs, supported by Inquisition and Nevarran NPCs. In Kirkwall, 4-5 PCs (excluding division heads + Atticus), and 3-4 Venatori infiltrator NPCs.
  • OPEN/CLOSED: The Perendale section of the log is open; the Kirkwall section is closed.
  • WHERE: In Kirkwall (the Gallows and the city), and in/around the Nevarran city of Perendale. 
  • WHEN: Early November. 

The Inquisition has verified intelligence indicating a major Venatori offensive is to be launched against the Nevarran city of Perendale. Forces are being dispatched from both Skyhold and Kirkwall to support Perendale; losing this city to Corypheus' forces would be a major loss for the Inquisition, and further destabilize the region. For those who remain behind in Kirkwall, however, another problem has come to light. Over the course of the past few months, Venatori agents have infiltrated the Inquisition's operations in Kirkwall. It is unclear how much intelligence they have gathered, but it is very likely that they will leverage the reduced manpower at the Gallows to make a grab for more sensitive, protected information. The infiltrators need to be first identified, and then stopped. 

This plot will involve plenty of fighting, sneaking, interrogating, and opportunities for characters to build CR with each other en route to Perendale. There will also be opportunities for those in Kirkwall to interact with the source of this intelligence, the imprisoned magister, Atticus.

NOTES:  The Perendale leg of the plot is open to anyone interested in participating. You don't need to comment to participate, but please do so anyway so I can gauge interest. Sign-ups are required for the Kirkwall section; it should also be noted that the only characters involved in tracking down and confronting the infiltrators should be quite experienced in their various disciplines. This won't be a job for green rookies!
23 September 2017 @ 09:48 am

I'm popping myself onto hiatus, in a sort of "oh dear lord I am being so slow and hideous oh no I'm so sorry" capacity. Hopefully I will be back in action by mid-October, but we'll see how it goes.

This will only effect this jerk, here.

I might need to drop some things when I return, but if we have something going that is important to hash out for IC development reasons or plot stuff, please let me know and I will continue tagging that as speedily and reliably as I can! I'm still around and available for chatting and will be able to focus on threads here and there, I just need to free up some mental energy for juggling other stuff atm.
20 September 2017 @ 09:16 pm
WHO: Yngvi
HOW MANY: Five; Yngvi + one Warden + Three others
WHERE: Orzammar/Deep Roads
WHEN: Early October

With the whole being back in Kirkwall thing, Yngvi's obviously been in touch and around his family more than he'd like and his family are Carta. And because he's Inquisition too they've gotten in touch about some contats in Orzammar experiencing difficulties that they want him to look into. The Carta know who to speak to so if Yngvi can't get sanction (he'll be speaking to both Kit and Petrana as heads of Other Powers and Diplomacy respectively and this falls under that) he can sneak off to do this but all of this is about going to Dusttown.

Casteless are missing. Red lyrium is involved. Red lyrium mining and dodgy contacts being kidnapped while the casteless that have gone missing are the ones being forced to mine the red lyrium. In the end, it's going to be reported back to the Carta in Kirkwall with Yngvi reporting back to both Kit and Petrana and being as devastated as you'd expect by the whole affair.

I'd like to warn people signing up ahead of time that this plot is going to involve character death of npcs as a non-negotiable part of the plot. It's mercy killing but I know not everyone is comfortable for that so I want to be clear up front that there's a lot of death and upsetting/potentially upsetting content so people can avoid it.
20 September 2017 @ 04:22 pm
Greetings friends! It is Wren, with her newest character. Meet Adasse Agassi, city elf pickpocket and blade man. His introduction into the Inquisition is going to start with trying to rob a Grey Warden - so really it can only go up from there. He's already got a best friend in the 'babyfaced' thief Haelan, but he's a pretty friendly guy (if for no other reason so he can get something out of you), so please, stop by, do some plotting, feel free to mock me for only having three icons right now as I try to find more with Dylan O'Brien's ears not showing. :D

Contact me at OneStarkWren on Plurk or feel free to PP me!

19 September 2017 @ 10:12 pm
So Bethany Hawke is following up on the crystal question she asked some time ago - by being smart and going through her own correspondence from her sister Marian. Backtracking from there, she has realized that the last place she heard from her sister in her own hand was in Jader. So she is going to organize a small group to go out there and see what they can find, and perhaps pull Marian out of whatever new pickle she might have stumbled into. She's looking for about four to five other people - her old DA2 friends, fellow Wardens, and anyone who might be interested in finding out what happened to the Champion of Kirkwall.

It's more of a fact finding mission than anything else, so I won't do a fancy sign-up sheet! Just post below if your character is interested in hanging out in Jader for a few days while they track down any leads that might be available!
19 September 2017 @ 10:02 pm
Hello everyone, it is I, Wren, with your favorite Templar sarcastic grump, James Norrington, stuck here on this mystery island with most of you. He's been put in charge of going to find out where precisely this Red Lyrium is coming from, and you see, he's going to need a little help because per the Mods:

The ultimate source of the red lyrium infecting the sea creatures is a partially-submerged shipwreck that your character will discover caught in a deep, narrow fjord where the ocean cuts into the jungle. Reaching it safely from the cliffsides will require some creativity, and the ship itself will require delicate handling, as its red lyrium cargo has begun crusting over the ship entirely.

So this is going to take some fancy footwork, because right now there are still pathways available, but they are quickly becoming overwhelmed with red lyrium.

James would be looking for help from those in the Red Lyrium project, as well as those well-versed in climbing and have an interest in exploring. They will need to decide if they should try to destroy it, and thus it's influence on the island's sea creatures, or leave it behind and not take the risk.

So who wants to go on a Goonies adventure?
19 September 2017 @ 06:38 pm
Hey folks!

During THE SEAS SHALL RISE & DEVOUR mod plot, Cyril is going to end up in a position to negotiate with the Qunari. Details as provided by the mods are here but the basics of it are that the Qunari on the island are offering to provide cover for the Inquisition to allow them to escape provided the Inquisition give them all of the information they gathered on the going-ons on the island.

Cyril himself is a fan of finding a middle ground. He understands why they need to tote the line of not providing the impression things are falling apart in the south, especially considering that he's heard a lot about the Qun from Taas that makes them terrifying, but he will want input about how much and which info they hand over.

Are you interested in helping discuss this? Would you character have an important say over the negotiations. Please comment and let me know and I'll put together a side plot post for us to RP this all out!
19 September 2017 @ 06:55 pm
Name: Mica
Contact + Notes: Here
Anything We Should Know: Time zone EST
Favorite GIF:

Name: Sorrelean "Sorrel" Ashara
Info Page/App: Click
Who They Are: Beleth's twin: the older more obnoxious version who Sina consented to marry for some reason
Where They've Been: outside of Kirkwall, kickin' it with Clan Asharalasanor (ashara/dahlasanor)
What They Want: to make sure sina is ok and also see his friends and family and also probably not die???
Anything Else: i used to play obi-wan kenobi but i left and now im back, i missed all of you very much
19 September 2017 @ 06:11 pm
Kenkai here, Prompto's mun. To counteract my current ball of sunshine, I bring you this guy.

It's everyone's favorite bitter little brother. Carver Hawke is back in Kirkwall, suckers. He's been in the Deep Roads for most of the time, staying the hell away from Weisshaupt and all that affiliated nonsense while he kept Warden-ing it up. Buuuuut shit's not getting any better so here he is.

I am totally looking forward to throwing him into the fray. I can be reached at [plurk.com profile] kenkai_chan if anyone wants to do stuff!
19 September 2017 @ 09:24 pm
Name: Jon
Contact + Notes: plurk handle is [plurk.com profile] fallenappleinc and you are free to add!
Anything We Should Know: I'm on GMT so my hours are all weird in comparison to most people?
Favourite GIF:


Name: Haelan. He doesn't have a surname.
Info Page/App: The Chantry Tried To Raise This Kid. You Won't Believe What Happened Next
Who They Are: He's a pickpocketing, babyfaced little snot who got caught stealing stuff from the Inquisition, and now has to do pro-bono work taking messages around Kirkwall and helping them crop herbs etc from the wilderness beyond the city walls
Where They've Been: er... Kirkwall? Is there anywhere else worth going to outside of Kirkwall?
What They Want: a really cute girlfriend his bestfriend to stop calling him babyface some shoes without holes in maybe even a cute boyfriend idek Okay so Haelan doesn't know what he wants. He's barely 17, did you know what you wanted at 17? Because he can't have an iPhone. Although he'd probably think it was demonic if he saw one.
On a serious note? Haelan wants to be left alone to pickpockets and get drunk and have fun, but that's just not going to happen with crazy god-monsters and holes in the sky, right?
Plot & CR Desires: Haelan needs to grow up a little bit. He's been forced to help out the Inquisition in the city, and they probably want him to stop thieving too. However to do that, he's going to need something else to do that puts bread on the table. Someone take him in and start teaching him how to be a useful and productive member of society (at some point) so he has the chance to survive until he's 20. Until that point, some friends, some mentors, some people who want to give him a thick ear for dipping his hand into their bag?
Anything Else: NOPE! :)
17 September 2017 @ 09:37 pm
Name: k2
Contact + Notes: plurk, pm, or discord at oeste #8807
Anything We Should Know: i also play wren coupe & melys, i used to play alan fane. i'm on hiatus through the end of the month
Favorite GIF: 

Name: Casimir Lyov
Info Page: blep
Who They Are: A Tranquil mage, here to make y'all some runes. Formerly studied spirits' interactions with totally inanimate materials, because necromancy is like, just so mainstream.
Where They've Been: Nevarra City's Circle from ~9:17 - 9:34, Hasmal Circle since. Newly-arrived after helping clear out its remaining artifacts & all the other shit people left behind. 
What They Want: Stability, access to research materials, a better understanding of the world/people around him. 
Plot & CR Desires: I'm game for it all, but I'd especially love some theorycrafting buddies (I haven't decided on his projects yet). He doesn't care about most stuff, including politics beyond his immediate situation, but I do OOC so come at me. Past CR also welcome!
Anything Else: he has a cool bird. come check out his cool pet bird
18 September 2017 @ 04:10 pm
Name: libbyyyyyyyyyy
Contact + Notes: y'all know where to find my ass
Anything We Should Know: and ruin the surprise
Favorite GIF:

Name: Seoraj Allaway. You pronounce it 'sho-rash'. Because I can, is why.
Info Page/App: still needs some work
Who They Are: The nicest guy to ever break your kneecaps with a fucking hammer: Seoraj Allaway, Starkhaven born and raised, blacksmith by trade and mercenary by inclination to squirrel away money. An extraordinarily kind man with the sense of humor of a real son of a bitch. Has life-altering abs, and yes, a modest beard along with the sharpest sideburns this side of Orlais.
Where They've Been: Most recently, Orlais, where he was fighting for ............. money lol. He's been a mercenary for roughly the past sixteen years and has traveled fairly extensively as a result, but he always goes home to Starkhaven. Other than now, when he's coming to Kirkwall.
What They Want: A stretch of time where he isn't in battle.
Plot & CR Desires: He's going to be mildly put out when he discovers he is not, as he is accustomed to being, the local tall elf. Other than that, bring me your CR. You will find him in the forge, mainly, doing forge stuff, because he came here to make weapons. And friends. Weapon...friends?
Anything Else: He has some established past history, but if you'd like to get in on the Knew Seoraj From Way Back action, hit me up, I am open to it. (For reference: he babysat Herian Amsel when she was a small child, he was apprenticed to Simon Ashlock's dad, and he's worked with the Boneflayers in the past and is very fond of all of them, was saddened to hear of Asher's passing.)
17 September 2017 @ 10:45 pm
WHO: Inessa Serra, Anders, Open to others.
HOW MANY: Depending on interest, 6-8? It's a soft cap, I'm not going to worry about it too much.
OPEN/CLOSED: Open with preference given to the Rifts and the Veil project people/shardbearers.
WHERE: This lovely place
WHEN: Latter part of October, posted on the weekend of the 7/8th.

WHAT: It's time to revisit the Blackmarsh, everyone's favorite place! What could possibly go wrong? Basically, Anders spoke to Inessa about his misadventure in the Blackmarsh with Cousland and co., and the trap that the First laid for them. Namely, an orb that brought them to the Fade. So, this seems like a great field trip for the Rifts and the Veil project, and anyone else who wants to come along because nostalgia.

The ultimate plan is to find the orb and see what they can learn from it for the Inquisition's sake, but they'll also be assessing the state of the Veil there and making repairs where they can/observing the effect on shardbearers, and clearing out the area of demons/whatnot if Anders is right and it didn't remain vacant. If they find anything else interesting/worthwhile to the Inquisition, they'll acquire it as well.

Maybe they'll get to rename it into something nicer-sounding, like Kittenmarsh or Beermarsh? No?

Sign up form! This will be open until the 26th (because that's when I get back from vacation). Respond to this post with the following:

12 September 2017 @ 10:00 am
Name: Cee!
Contact + Notes: plurk (Ceeeeee @ plurk) or PM
Anything We Should Know: I'm back
Favorite GIF:

Name: Valentine Nicasus Maxence Mérovée Olivier de Foncé (Val de Foncé)
Info Page/App: Click
Who They Are: in three words: better than you. but also a dispossessed Orlesian nobleman who is estranged from his rich family. he eschewed the trappings of high society (gross, masks!) and became a scholar who specializes in demolitions, architecture but particular the architecture of siege engines with interesting design flourishes, and zoology. you may have met his best friends, Freddie and Jehan. if you have not: you should have.
Where They've Been: everywhere. previous CR for any of these places is very desired. most recently Val rode away on a secret quest. he actually rode away to hide from a harrowing marriage proposal that was incoming. in an attempt to cover for him, Jehan told Val's intended that he was dead. word of Val's death got back to the Inquisition and they marked him off all of their paperwork as DECEASED. now he has to reassert his life and pay his backtaxes. he doesn't want to talk about it.
What They Want: to learn everything there is to learn. also to ride a griffon, pet a dragon, and drink good wine.
Plot & CR Desires: he is a challenge that you are welcome to take on. previous to his untimely flight from Kirkwall and civilization, he was working in the research division, by which I mean he was HEAD OF RESEARCH. he is here to claim his title again and DUEL WHOEVER SNIPED IT FROM HIM how very dare. also he was working on the naval stuff so he'll have a lot of opinions on that too.
Anything Else: I was here before now I'm here again what's upppppppp
11 September 2017 @ 07:52 pm
okay so I've been putting this off and putting it off and thinking I can pull myself out of it but at this point I think I'm just being That Asshole to my fellow Wardens, SO

I am dropping Velanna. She is going off to do Wardeny things, will someone please watch Fen'Purrel, etc.

I don't entirely intend this to be a permanent drop, I've just had trouble motivating myself with her for a while, so I'm gonna give her a rest, and focus on other characters for now. Maybe once I've had a break from her and she's been away I can bring her back with new ideas of what to have her do.

I'll still be here with Geneviève and Rey, who I will be doing more stuff with now that I don't feel guilty I'm ignoring my canon character.
10 September 2017 @ 12:29 am
Hi all, I'm Cass, the other, more elusive mod of this game. I also play Freddie, an Orlesian academic adventurer (think Indiana Jones) and inveterate crystal-network troll.

Because mj and I share a brain, I'm also bringing in a rebel mage out of Nevarra. Her name is Nell Voss, and she is an erstwhile knight-enchanter turned particularly rebellious rebel, not the reluctant kind like her unfortunate bff Kostos. She was on the frontlines during the war and refused to stop fighting when the conclave was called or afterwards when Fiona made deals with first Tevinter and then the Inquisition.

So she's been off leading a rebel cell of her own for the last couple years while you've all been saving the world. She's eternally angry about getting betrayed by the circles and is happy to argue anyone's ear off if they need it, but would much rather keep her rage-fires burning deep within and hang out and have a beer instead. (She's found people are more likely to be convinced that way.) She can be fun and doesn't usually shove her politics in people's faces nonstop so tends to come off a lot more chill than she actually is.

She was at the Circle at Nevarra City from ~9:20 until ~9:38, Circle at Perendale ~9:38-9:40, with rebel army 9:40-9:41, and off on her own since then. There's some flexibility in dates, so let me know if there's potential for overlapping! I'm going to save any major future-cr plotting for the event plotting post and this month's CR meme, but am happy to hammer out some pre-existing familiarity!

I didn't use the form, but for the record here's my favorite gif:
09 September 2017 @ 07:58 pm
Name: Mary
Contact + Notes: [plurk.com profile] delatour
Anything We Should Know: Newbie here, nice to meet you all.
Favorite GIF:

Name: Fingon Fingolfinion, called the Valiant
Info Page/App: Click
Who They Are: Fingon is the current High King of the Noldor (Tolkien's Too-Clever-For-Their-Own-Good Elves), a massive danger junkie, and the unofficial Crazy Relative Whisperer of his extended family
Why he's got that last job nobody knows. The whole family's a bit nuts, really, shouldn't someone outside be doing it?
Where They've Been: For most of the past five centuries or so he's been in Beleriand, the land at the western end of Middle Earth. It's got about a century before it collapses dramatically into the ocean, but so far he has no idea of that.
What They Want: At first, probably a first class ticket back home; he's got quite the death battle to prepare for, and he won't appreciate being dragged from it. Once he settles in? A mixture of helping anyone who might want or need it and exploring.
Plot & CR Desires: I'm open to anything.
Anything Else: How many Noldor does it take to make up an infestation? There's one, here's two....
09 September 2017 @ 06:02 pm
Name: Ran
Contact + Notes: [plurk.com profile] telos_codex, Disco: TelosCodex#0802.
Anything We Should Know: I’m usually around in the evenings PST, but I can usually check plurk a few times during the workday. It's been a while since I've played the Dragon Age games, but I'm canon familiar.
Favorite GIF:

Name: Gabriel “Reaper” Reyes
Info Page/App: Click
Who They Are: A huge edgelord. Was a mercenary for hire/terrorist, but now he’s certainly out of that job for the moment. Before that, a black ops commander.
Where They've Been: All over his world, but not Thedas, sadly. Give him a bit to get his feet underneath him and he's gonna want to explore.
What They Want: He may want to go back, but he’ll eventually learn to deal because he’s used to his life taking a few weird turns. Former commander in charge of stopping a robot uprising and then black ops and now working for the enemy yeeeah. He's going to want to learn about everything, particularly politics, history and for sure about the mages and templars.
Plot & CR Desires: I'm really down for anything and everything.
Anything Else: This is all Lark’s fault. I was tempted and encouraged.